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If you’ve been considering a switch in fuel, now is a great time to speak with your local propane retailer about what your operation could look like with commercial propane mowers. Before the buying season gets here in the fall, considering your current operation and asking a propane retailer questions can help you determine if—and how—propane can fit your company’s needs.

Here are four questions to consider:

What are my operation’s equipment needs?

Considering how many mowers you currently use, and for how many hours each day, can help you identify how many propane cylinders will be necessary to keep your fleet running.

What are my site needs?

There are two options for refueling propane equipment on a site, and finding the best fit for your business may depend on how much space is available at your facility. For companies with plenty of space and a large fleet, having an on-site tank may make sense. With this option, employees will be properly trained on refueling and storing practices.

Another option is cylinder exchange, which requires only a storage cage for propane cylinders on a site that allows crews to grab and go. With this option, your propane retailer will make scheduled or as-needed visits with filled cylinders to exchange with empty cylinders.

What are my gallon requirements on your current equipment?

Asking this question may help your propane retailer figure out the best refilling schedule for large tanks or for cylinder exchange.

What would my fuel costs be with propane?

Talking with your propane retailer will give you the best estimate for your region, and you can use this fuel cost calculator to estimate your company’s fuel savings.