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For landscape contractors, equipment purchases don’t always occur during the traditional buying season in late fall and early winter. If a mower goes down in the middle of the cutting season, equipment replacement suddenly becomes priority no. 1. That unfortunate scenario is exactly why PERC’s Propane Mower Incentive Program is now available for applications year-round. No matter the time of year, contractors can apply for the PMIP to receive $1,000 for each propane-dedicated mower purchased or $500 for each qualified mower conversion kit.

It only takes five simple steps.

  1.  Apply online.

PERC recommends that contractors apply for the program ahead of purchasing a new mower or qualified conversion kit. Use the link to see the full list of eligible equipment, which includes 14 OEMs and four qualified conversion kits.

2. Make a purchase.

Contractors approved by PERC for the PMIP can then purchase equipment within 30 days of applying, whether it’s for a new propane mower or a certified conversion kit.

3. Submit proof-of-purchase documents.

Once a purchase is made, contractors can then send in a contract, federal W-9 form, and proof of purchase or a receipt for the propane equipment.

4. Receive your incentive dollars.

Contractors will receive a reimbursement check for all approved purchases in the mail.

5. Share your experience with your peers on social media.

Be proud of your decision to switch to propane power and share your propane experience on social media. It’s a great way to reinforce to your customers and the community of your commitment to sustainability by reducing emissions.

Sign up for the PMIP today.