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COVID-19 Message for Consumers & Propane Providers   Learn More »

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PERC Senior Management

Tucker Perkins

President and CEO

Tucker is the president and chief executive officer of the Propane Education & Research Council. He has worked in the propane industry for 26 years, having served as the director of business development for Inergy, chief executive officer of Premier Propane, and the chief operating officer of Columbia Propane, a unit of the Columbia Energy Group. Tucker is also the former chairman of a PERC advisory committee on engine fuel matters and is active with the National Propane Gas Association and the Virginia Propane Gas Association.

Stay current with Tucker’s “Quarterly CEO Report.

Contact me for:

  • PERC's Strategic Plan
  • Council Initiatives
  • Business Development
  • Residential and Commercial Sector
  • Market Outreach Training
  • Autogas Opportunities

Michael Eason

Senior Vice President, Administration and Finance

Michael provides support to the Council’s annual budgeting and long-range financial planning of the organization and heads up the accounting operations. He establishes guidelines for budget and forecast preparation, prepares the annual budget for publication, and oversees the audit process.

Contact me for:

  • Budget
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Assessment

Bridget Kidd

Senior Vice President, Industry Relations

Bridget is responsible for leading and executing all propane industry-facing initiatives. She works with industry groups to support the development and implementation of PERC resources and services, and directly engages with industry stakeholders in outreach projects to facilitate integration of PERC’s commercialization, market development, industry training, and safety and training activities.

Contact me for:

  • Industry Engagement
  • Industry Initiatives and Programs
  • Marketer Training
  • Industry Meetings

Cinch Munson

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Cinch is responsible for leading the industry’s business development strategy, including business partnerships, product development and commercialization, and pursuing market opportunities that support strategic and business objectives.

Contact me for:

  • Business Partnerships
  • New Market Opportunities
  • Product Development and Commercialization

Tina Wilson

Senior Vice President, Communications

Tina oversees the Council’s integrated communications and marketing strategy, which includes the Propane Can Do That campaign, industry communications, public relations, and thought leadership.

Contact me for:

  • Communications and Marketing Strategy
  • Propane Can Do That Campaign
  • Industry Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Thought Leadership

PERC Staff

Ingrid Bechard

Director of Market Communications

Ingrid manages PERC’s B2B market outreach and training activities for on-road and off-road new product development and commercialization. She also manages outreach and engagement activities for marketers, providing information about new products and market opportunities.

Contact me for:

  • School Bus Programs
  • Propane Autogas
  • Media Requests
  • Digital Strategy

Tameka Bias

IT Analyst

Tameka provides helpdesk support for industry users of PERC applications and websites, including the state websites (Propane Web Services subscribers) and the Resource Catalog.

Contact me for:

  • Resource Catalog Helpdesk
  • State Association Online Training/Events Registration Forms
  • State Association Website Maintenance

Joseph Calhoun

Associate Director, Business Development

Joseph leads PERC initiatives to grow propane demand by working directly with partners across multiple industries. He is responsible for business development, product development, and market development activities, which includes outreach, communications, education, research, product development, technical integrations, and product commercialization.

Contact me for:

  • New Partnerships
  • New Market Development
  • New Product Ideas
  • VW Trust and Other Funding Programs

Bryan Cordill

Director of Residential and Commercial Business Development

Bryan is the chief architect of the residential and commercial market portfolios, leading efforts to support and grow propane demand in the residential and commercial markets. He facilitates the development and adoption of propane-powered equipment and appliances through business development, product development, and market development activities to preserve existing markets and develop new growth opportunities.

Contact me for:

  • Residential and commercial business partnerships
  • Product development
  • Incentive programs

Sarah Ewing

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Sarah serves as the executive assistant to the president and CEO and coordinates all travel and meeting arrangements, as well as all other administrative functions as they relate to the president’s office.

Contact me for:

  • President and CEO's Schedule
  • Catalog Safety Items

Rachel Greenberg

Senior Market Research Analyst

Rachel performs market research analyses to support the Propane Council’s business development and market outreach programs, including market and product research and analysis of national industry trends. She also identifies data collection methods and collects data to support the Propane Council’s measurement and evaluation activities.

Contact me for:

  • Industry Studies/Metrics
  • Consumer Awareness Study

Rachel Hrabik

Business Development Coordinator

Rachel coordinates business development activities across all PERC markets by managing market-facing incentive programs, evaluating market data, organizing business development meetings with allied industries, and assisting partners in using propane industry resources.

Contact me for:

  • Requests for information about propane in your market
  • Questions about the Farm Incentive and Construction Incentive Programs
  • New business development opportunities

Christopher Hanson

Learning Management System Administrator

Christopher’s primary focus is the overall management, maintenance and administration of the Propane Industry’s Learning Management System (LMS) application and environment.  He is the primary contact for vendor support, maintenance, notifications, releases and updates.

Contact me for:

  • LMS Access
  • LMS Integration
  • E-Learning
  • Training Programs

Patrick Hyland

Director of Industry Communications

Pat is responsible for raising the awareness and understanding of PERC’s mission, strategic goals, and activities across the propane industry. He also ensures that the industry’s needs, interests, and concerns are communicated to PERC.

Contact me for:

  • Partnership with States Program
  • Marketer Sales Training Program
  • State Assessment Rebate Program
  • General State Association Support
  • Industry-Facing Communications

Clifton Ignacio

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Clifton is a member of the communications team and works on a variety of projects. He supports the team in finding better ways to communicate with the industry and external audiences. Clifton provides content, structure, and analysis to important industry engagement channels, and works to help promote PERC programs and messaging.

Contact me for:

  • General Communications Inquiries

Dominick Kearney

Administrative Assistant

Dominick works with the VP of Safety, Education, and Compliance and the Safety team providing general support to the Safety and Technical Training Working Group. Dominick specifically assists the LMS Administrator with help desk calls as they relate to the Learning Center. He also provides general administrative and clerical assistance across the organization as needed.

Contact me for:

  • Propane Training programs
  • Learning Center support
  • Safety and Training Helpdesk Inquiries
  • Safety and Technical Training Working Group

Edward Kent

Finance Operations Manager

Edward works closely with accounting, operations, and management staff to improve PERC’s capacity to manage resources within forecasted revenue and approved budgets. He is responsible for overall program accounting and in assisting in the oversight of assessment revenue, inventory, and grant accounting, and as well as special projects.

Contact me for:

  • Treasury Management
  • Budget
  • Assessment Revenue
  • Warehouse and Inventory Financial Support

John L. Kerekes

Senior Contracts Manager and Counsel

John oversees the contracting and legal affairs of the Council. In addition, he negotiates and drafts contracts and evaluates costs. John manages litigation as required, and assesses legal conformity and risks of the Council’s activities and products. He also defines milestones and tracks contractor performance.

Contact me for:

  • Legal Issues
  • Compliance
  • Contracts
  • Grants

Greg Kerr

Director of Research and Development

Greg is responsible for matters related to R&D including project development, project management, and supporting the Research Training & Development Working Group while building relationships through outreach and communication. He leads new product development efforts for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Greg corresponds with government agencies, national research labs, and private companies seeking research ideas and monitors developments with other energy sources. He participates in NPGA’s TS&S Committee to determine potential research projects.

Contact me for:

  • Generators
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Propane Engines
  • Propane Operations/Infrastructure
  • Technical Research

Eric Kuster

Vice President, Safety, Education and Compliance

Eric leads the team that advises senior management and the Council on all matters related to safety, education, and code compliance. He helps guide the creation of innovative safety programs and directs the safety team’s ongoing work to transform workforce safety training materials to meet the evolving trends and demands of the industry.

Contact me for:

  • Propane safety
  • Education and training programs
  • Compliance
  • Safety and Technical Training Working Group

Erin Lee

Industry Relations Coordinator

Erin provides customer support for the fulfillment center and provides primary support for grant administration by performing initial application review and final report analyses. She also performs general administration duties and assists with preparation and planning for industry programs and meetings.

Contact me for:

  • Fulfillment center
  • Industry meetings
  • General Industry Relations queries

Anna W. Lombardo

Director, Meetings and Events

Anna is responsible for planning, executing, and supervising all logistics required to produce successful meetings and conferences for PERC. She is proficient at sourcing, budgeting, vendor management, as well as on-site management. Anna is also responsible for maintaining and updating the Councilor-specific website, establishing internal deadlines for Council meeting materials, organizing internal planning meetings, and communicating details of upcoming meetings to staff, industry members, and partners.

Contact me for:

  • Council Meetings
  • Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Councilors' Website

Emily McComas

Communications Manager

Emily helps develop and maintain the identity, the brand, and the visual style of the Council in all communications such as the PERC Update, press releases, communication talking points, etc. She writes and edits the Council meeting minutes. Working under the director of communications, she serves as the backup point of contact for incoming media inquiries, gathers necessary information, and coordinates PERC’s response.

Contact me for:

  • PERC Update
  • Press Releases
  • Media Inquiries
  • Social Media

Ginna Moseley

Projects Coordinator, Demonstrations & Tradeshows

Ginna is responsible for the design and management of demonstration and tradeshow programs, with a focus on new product development and commercialization. She works with the Business Development & Outreach team and appropriate projects managers to ensure market launch plans are coordinated and supported by appropriate demonstration program efforts. Ginna ensures a consistent look-and-feel of PERC’s tradeshow collateral materials (booth, banners, etc.) that fits PERC’s overall communications strategy and brand.

Contact me for:

  • Tradeshow Executions
  • Demonstration Programs
  • Collateral Materials

Michael Newland

Director of Agriculture Business Development

Michael is the chief architect of the agriculture market portfolio. He is tasked with promoting propane consumption for agricultural markets as well as some sectors of the industrial and high-horsepower, off-road engine markets. He facilitates the adoption of propane-powered equipment, appliances, and vehicles through market development and product development to preserve existing markets and develop new growth opportunities.

Contact me for:

  • Agriculture markets
  • Off-road stationary engines

Kristen Rice

Programs Manager

Kristen is responsible for managing the state assessment rebate program as required by PERA, Partnership with States program, and industry outreach activities. She manages regional industry tradeshows and the annual Leadership Summit. Kristen provides technical support to rebate applicants using PERC’s Grant Management System (PERC GMS). She is a staff liaison to State Associations’ representatives.

Contact me for:

  • Partnership with States Program
  • State Assessment Rebate Program
  • PERC Staff to speak at State Association Meetings

Lyndon Rickards

Director of Safety and Compliance

Lyndon oversees PERC’s safety and compliance program offerings and is responsible for incorporating industry regulations, codes, standards, and best practices into PERC education and safety resources. He also provides subject matter expertise in his engagement with companies, industry organizations, and committees related to safety compliance and training.

Contact me for:

  • Safety and compliance
  • Regulations, codes, and standards
  • Safety and regulatory programs
  • Safety technology

Theresa Ryan

Director of Administration and Human Resources

Theresa is responsible for the essential business and human resource functions of the office. She recruits and hires staff, administers employee benefits, payroll, business insurance, and manages the administrative team. She is also the staff liaison to the PERC Council members and the Executive Committee members with respect to orientation and ongoing activities.

Contact me for:

  • Staffing
  • Benefits
  • PERC Councilors

Sophi Sandoval

Office Assistant

Sophi is the friendly voice you hear when you call the office. She provides general administrative and clerical assistance to the PERC staff, helps ensure that the needs of all callers are met, and also provides Help Desk support for the Propane Catalog.

Contact me for:

  • General PERC Inquiries
  • Propane Catalog Help Desk

Elena Scott

Programs Coordinator, Training

Elena oversees PERC’s newly revised Marketer Sales Training Program, which delivers market insights, performance solutions and customized tools that empower propane marketers to leverage business opportunities in all market segments. She also supports the Can Do Marketing Training Program.

Contact me for:

  • Marketer Sales Training Program
  • Can Do Marketing Training Program
  • CSR Training
  • Sales Summit

Gregg Walker

Director of External Communications

Gregg develops and oversees strategic communications programs that help drive new demand for propane gallons, promote consistent branding and messaging, and achieve measurable results. Serving as the primary media contact, he manages PERC’s announcements and public relations programs, including core message development, media relations strategy and execution, and executive communications support.

Contact me for:

  • Public Relations
  • Media Requests
  • PERC Update
  • Industry Communications

Stephen Whaley

Director of Autogas Business Development

Stephen is the chief architect of the over-the-road market portfolio and is responsible for maximizing propane autogas gallon sales in the on-highway light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicle markets. He works with the Sr. VP of Business Development on establishing business plans, including strategies and tactics. Stephen focuses on new product research and development, product launches, maintenance and growth in existing market segments, and potential new market development opportunities.

Contact me for:

  • Propane Autogas Business Applications
  • Fuel Tax and Incentive Database
  • Propane Autogas Calculator

Grace Willis

Director of Strategic Operations

Grace manages PERC’s extensive portfolio of projects and ensures those projects are meeting the industry’s objectives, are on time, on budget, and have the resources needed for the project to be successful. Grace provides portfolio analysis, strategic guidance, and various executive reports to senior management. Grace is the staff liaison to the Project & Portfolio Review Subcommittee where she manages the logistical needs and communications of the members. She also manages communication with the Advisory Committee and the Working Group Chairs and Vice Chairs.

Contact me for:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgets
  • Advisory Committee

Paula Wilson

Director of Industry Engagement

Paula is responsible for working with marketers, and key industry leaders and partners, to understand industry interests and needs. She provides “voice of marketer” feedback to PERC Staff and Advisory Committee to help ensure products and programs are responsive to industry needs. Paula meets with industry members at annual conventions, state association meetings, and industry events to solicit feedback and to educate marketers about available products and services.

Contact me for:

  • Questions About PERC Programs and Resources
  • Engagement with Marketers & Company Leadership
  • General Feedback on Programs & Resources
  • General Marketer Support
  • Sharing Your Marketer Success Story

Jeremy Wishart

Director of Off-Road Business Development

Jeremy is responsible for supporting research and development and market outreach and training projects with a focus on new product development and commercialization in the off-road market. He develops and implements strategies to engage marketers in launch plans for new products. Jeremy manages business to business relationships with market leading commercialization and manufacturing partners, and defines product concept & positioning strategy in the off-road and material handling markets.

Contact me for:

  • Lawn & Landscape
  • Off-Road Equipment, Vehicles, and Engines
  • Propane Forklifts
  • Golf & Turf

Emily Wood

Educational Content Development Coordinator

Emily is responsible for designing course content and educational programs for PERC’s safety education, compliance, and consumer safety programs. She is responsible for optimizing learner engagement, performance support, and ensuring that educational programs are effective.  Her duties include creation of curriculum, instructor and participant guides, and the design of various forms of educational materials available through PERC’s learning management system, website, and resource catalog.

Contact me for:

  • Training and Compliance programs
  • Learner engagement
  • Content development
  • Instructor and participant guides