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Furnaces & Boilers

Warm Up To Propane's Advantages

Propane furnaces offer best-in-class efficiency, with ratings from 90 to 98 percent, and will provide comfortable, even, and consistent heat during even the coldest weather. Propane-powered boilers offer efficiency, space savings, and the versatility to provide space heating, water heating, and even snow melt. Even in the coldest, outdoor climates where a dual-fuel hybrid system is used, propane improves the efficiency and comfort of air- or ground-source heat pump systems and further protects homeowners from rising utility costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a propane furnace actually produce warmer heat?

Yes. Propane furnaces have a reputation for high initial delivery temperature — up to 140 degrees — for noticeably better comfort than a heat pump. The heated air from a heat pump will be below your body temperature (an uncomfortable temperature) about 60 percent of the time during the heating season.

What efficiency levels can I expect from a propane furnace?

A high-efficiency propane furnace is rated anywhere between 90 and 98 percent efficient. They have higher Energy Star efficiency level requirements than heating oil systems. Over time, propane furnaces also maintain their efficiency better than systems like electric heat pumps.

Are there any rebates or incentives available for propane furnaces?

Yes. To save more on the initial purchase price of your new furnace, take advantage of potential incentives offered in your state by visiting https://www.propane.wlreview4.com/residential/programs-and-incentives/.

How does a propane-powered boiler deliver heat to my home?

Propane-powered boilers can deliver heat through hydronic baseboard systems, in-floor hydronic systems, or even forced-air systems where the hot water from the boiler (instead of a furnace) acts as the heat source. Additional end-use options for boilers include separate heating zones in spaces like your garage. By treating these additional applications individually, you (and your builder or remodeler) can use them as you see fit, conserving energy while still providing added value.

How long does a propane boiler last?

Propane boilers have an expected lifespan of up to 30 years, according to the EPA, but many boilers can last much longer if serviced and maintained properly.

What efficiency levels can I expect from a propane boiler?

Several hundred propane boiler models qualify for the Energy Star label. This means that the boilers have an efficiency rating of at least 85 percent, as rated by their AFUE. An 85 AFUE rating is actually just the start, as more than 200 of these boilers are also rated as “Most Efficient” within the Energy Star program — achieving efficiency ratings ≥ 95 percent AFUE.

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